​​Sixfold increase in your income

With our method, ALL existing solar farms can increase their production by 6-10 times. With a record short RoI period, it is very attractive for financiers to use this type of technology. Projects that are a few years old, for example, can significantly shorten the RoI period by making an additional installation of batteries and our charging system that gives you production even at night, on cloudy days and even at times when the panels may be covered in snow.

This can be hard to believe for some solar experts and it is understandable that panel efficiency can be increased from 15-20% up to 80%. Also the fact that in the battery pack, considerable extra generation of energy can take place. Through careful testing over the years, the manufacturer has documented the extra generation of energy and guarantees x 6 extra generation. However, it has been shown that up to x 10 is possible in most cases.

The economy of solar energy through our method
It has been shown that our method is one of the most cost-effective methods of creating energy today. In order not to give too misleading information, we only want to highlight the system’s actual production capacity as promised, measured in most different scenarios by the manufacturer and existing clients.
The economy of solar energy through our method

Minimum generation (guaranteed)
1000kW × 10.8H (day time generation + night time generation) = 10800 kWh/day 

Maximum generation
100kW x 21.6H (daytime generation + night time generation hour)= 21600 kWh/day 

Total lifetime value:109.500.000kWh