We can provide your company with all the energy you need 24/7
Suitable for all sizes of industry from small to large, the savings are equally valuable

Our method is excellent for all kinds of industry, the more energy you consume the greater the economic benefit as wel. With a record short Return of Investment (ROI) period of 2-4 years, all clients can make themselves completely energy independent.

There are also many other benefits to using Green Infra Group’s expertise in the field. For sensitive industries that produce food, for example, it can be fatal to experience a power outage. Greenhouse growers who consume large volumes of energy 24/7, a power outage can cost them their entire harvest in just a few hours.

By producing your own energy, you can also make large savings on transfer taxes, etc., which is a large part of a company’s costs, especially if you run a business that is energy demanding.

Industrial Clients

For installers of solar cell systems
All existing solar systems that have been installed for clients can, with this method, also be made an additional x 5-10 more efficient. Panels that have been installed before can be made very much more efficient. This requires certain changes in the connection of the panel and that the customer obtains batteries to which our charging system is then connected. Installations that were previously expected to pay for themselves within a certain period of time now have a significantly shorter ROI period, even if it requires an additional investment. All your previous clients can now be seen as repeat customers and you can shorten their repayment period, which is certainly appreciated by your previous customers.

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