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For homeowners, this is an excellent system to install and create all your household electricity themselves. This system can thus make anybody completely energy independent. In the north you need a lot of energy in winter and then there are very few hours of sunshine available. However, we offer a solution that gives you all the energy you need, our 12kW system provides 3-phase energy for all the needs of the house.
Our system uses only half the amount of solar panels as most of the energy generation takes place in the batteries so you do not have to worry that the look of your property will change so much. It is quick to install and the end result is always 100% no matter where and how you live.
Please familiarize yourself with our 12kW system data below which is the smallest that can produce 3-phase electricity.

12 kW solar generator (3-phase)
Minimum generation(guaranteed)
12kW × 10.8H (day time generation + night time generation) = 129.6 kWh/day
Annual total min production:47.085kWh
Maximum generation
12kW x 21.6H (day time generation + night time generation hour)= 259.2 kWh/day
Annual total maximum production:94.608kWh
LCOE: max generation for full set 0.08/kWh, RoI 4 ½ years
LCOE: min generation for full set 0.15/kWh, RoI 8 years
Total lifetime value:1.750.000 kWh x 0,18=315.000
Our 12 kW system creates all the energy you need for your home. If it is then energy to cool if you live in more southern latitudes or to heat your house if you live up north, our 12kW system will give you more energy than you will ever need.
Most houses today that have somewhat modern and energy-efficient appliances consume anything between 10,000-25,000kWh per year. Our guaranteed energy production (minimum production) is 47,085kWh per year so for most of you there is plenty of energy to sell in the market to shorten the RoI period.
Housing associations
The most cost-effective way to heat / cool your property is to install our system. Feel free to contact us today with a request for a quote for your housing company on how you can create all the energy you need for heating / cooling, utility energy, general lighting and electric car charging.

Contact us for a quote today, the necessary basic information to be able to give you a quote are as accurate figures as possible on your total annual consumption of energy and if possible how many kW the daily energy peaks amount to in order for us to optimize your battery system. Usually, a small oversizing to cover all possible peaks is the most suitable solution and the surplus energy can then be sold, which in turn becomes a source of income for your housing association.